Chinese "Thanksgiving Day"-The Mid-Autumn Festival

Published : 2016-09-15

Have dinner with your loves at Moon Festival

As we all know,Thanksgiving Day ,each year on the fourth Thursday in November it now centers on cooking and sharing a bountiful meal with family and friends.


It's amazing to find that The Mid-Autumn is most similar to Thanksgiving Day,The Mid-Autumn festival is a time for family and friends together.Each year, people will travel home to meet and have dinner with their loved ones.

The Mid-Autumn festival is the most typical food is moon cakes, has a beautiful legend, the specific food of Thanksgiving Day is roast Turkey and mashed potatoes, also has a long history.

Worshiping the moon entailed placing a large table in the middle of the yard under the moon, and putting offerings, such as fruit and snacks, on the table.on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

In Moon Festival 2016,we played a game named "Bo Cake" together.Bo Cake Mid-Autumn festival is peculiar to minnan region and cultural extension of a folk activities.That's a game for entertainment,combined with six dice throw the results to determine the participants of the prizes.Traditional prizes for the different sizes of moon cakes, proprietary called cake, according to legend this game can predict personal luck for the coming year.

Our presents are in the cardboard box,that's a form to award the memeber.

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