Christmas In Every Nook And Cranny

Published : 2016-12-09

Christmas In Every Nook And Cranny

If you put a tree in your holiday decorations range, you have missed a very good way to prolong that feeling of joy for the rest of the House. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, why not take advantage of this opportunity? Read on for a few easy ways to bring Christmas to life in every nook and cranny of your home using indoor seasonal decor.

A reading corner is a must during the holiday season. A nook is a great place to read Christmas stories to youngsters, and it’s also a place to leave out milk and cookies for Santa. Most important corner is a space to get some much-needed “you time” when things get hectic. Put on festivals throw pillows and soft to your corner, add something new. An antler table stand creates a festive vibe, and you can top it off with additional holiday swag, like custom figurine.

While most people see a cabinet as a place to store unused items, We see it as a canvas which to create a merry holiday story. Set out a miniature house, some trees, and wilderness animals to invoke the setting of a Christmas village. Open cabinet doors to create even more decorating space like ceramic flower vase on the shelves .

Got a space, like an unused corner,is it the lack of holiday happiness? Wheel in a bar cart and deck out the shelves for some extra holiday glam. Any type of decor, from poinsettias to snow globe christmas ornaments, can be used.

Another opportunity to max out your merry is on windowsills. Use the flat surface as a table for a charming Christmas scene. We used beer, deer, and tree decor to conjure up the image of Christmas Eve in the woods. Windows are also nice places to hang wreaths, garland, or lights.

Your Christmas decor doesn’t have to end. Take to the walls for more ways to extend your merry look.Walls are a great place to add festive holiday information, like quote art. Or if you’re feeling inventive, create a gallery wall by mixing several kinds of art together, like prints, decorative picture frame, even wreaths. Click here for tips on how to DIY a wreath!

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