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We are an OEM manufacturer with 10 years' development in souvenirs,collectibles,home decorations and etc.

Regarding the OEM serve.Please note that as below.

Send your designs or clear pictures from all angles to us,as to reduce the misunderstanding and mistake,please kindly give clear indication of your special requirement so that we can meet your requirement accurately,such as pantone card for color requirement,decal design and detail inforamation about your products.

General OEM process steps as below:

OEM process


1. OEM Process:

 (1) Ceramic OEM Process:

design ceramic beer stein

(2) Metal OEM Process:

custom metal figurine

(3) Resin OEM Process:

custom miniature house replicas

(4) Pewter alloy figurine

figurine soucenir gifts

(5)Tiki mug process

tiki farm mugs

2. What is our custom service?

 (1) If you have your own design,we will do according to your specific requirement.
(2) If you like our design,then you could feel free to decide the color,size,or even make adjustment on our designs.
(3) Print custom logo,or any decal.
(4) Do clients' required finishings or techniques,like electroplating,airbrushing etc.

3. Why choose us for doing custom designs?

 (1) Keeping the costs to a minimum.

(2) An eye for quality.
(3) Regardless of the scale of the project, we're responsive to your unique requirements.
(4) A group of talented and experienced team to ensure projects are expertly managed.
(5) Promise to keep improving the samples until you are finally satisfied with our job.

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